Whenever I fly above rural or agricultural land I am amazed at the patterns and shapes that can only be seen from above. Without knowing it, farmers and farm workers are going about their business in a very orderly and often symetrical fashion. This regularity creates the patterns you will see in this gallery. Some of the images may make you scratch your head... or at least I hope they do!
Photography is painting with light. Traditionally photographers avoid shooting straight into light as it causes problems with image quality. However, I still found myself looking into and photographing subjects where direct light was playing on the surface. It is extremely difficult to capture something close to what the eye percieves in these situations but with some experimentation, long exposures and the introduction of some strobe lighting in some cases, I was able to capture what I percieved. This is an on-going project with new twists and turns the more I work on it.
For the past several years I have been attending tractor pulls at local agricultural fairs. I started photographing the tractor events but found that the owners themselves were for more interesting that the tractors. This is my vision of their late night sessions where they battle for first place long into the night using their pre-1950's work horses.
I have lived for many years near the Charles River and enjoy it as often as possible. I love long walks along its banks whatever time of year and am a frequent duck feeder. I also love kayaking and along with the walks that has given me many opportunities to photograph its varied wildlife. Its bird life most often...

I love to take photographs but I love 'making' photographs even more. The photographs you will see on this site are taken from the last 8 years and represent images that have been taken on assignment as well as images taken for myself. Many of the photographs are from projects I am currently working on and are 'works in progress'. I hope you find something that interests or intrigues you. If you would like any of the images or need similar images taken for your own needs please email or phone me and I will gladly help.

Some accomplishments...

Aerial photography work featured in the new book 'Harvard Square: An Illustrated History Since 1950'

Awarded 2nd & 3rd place in professional aerial photography, IPA PhotoAwards 2007.

Awarded 3rd place in professional aerial photography, IPA PhotoAwards 2006.

Best in Show, Panopticon's 'Elements' show 2006.

A photograph of the side of a rusty train